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Access Control


Smart Alarm System

When you’re in charge of a facility, you need to be able to monitor who goes in and out–and in some cases, prevent access to certain parties. Traditional access control systems rely on a large amount of hardware that is tricky to manage and expensive to maintain.


But a cloud-based network is hosted in an offsite data center, and uses an internet connection to control gates and doors remotely. Cloud based access control software is nimble and powerful. It offers centralized system management, equipment diagnostics, and real-time updates.

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Synchronize With Cloud-based System

It’s easy to synchronize a cloud-based system with the systems and software you already have in place, creating a seamless transition to robust security. And the software itself is intuitive and user-friendly, making it a breeze to deploy. Cloud based access control provides a security solution that is simple, convenient and more affordable than hardwired control systems.

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